What happens when a UX writer gets curious about game design? 

What happens when a user experience designer gets curious about game design? 

I couldn't help myself. I love games. I love playing, thinking, and critiquing games. So I decided to make a game that was uniquely mine. It took a long time, but here it is.

I'm including it in my portfolio because it reflects two things: one, my earliest visual design and organizational skills and, two, my ability to think deeply and critically about complex systems. And, hey, the copy isn't half bad either! 

In Westmarch: Dawn of a Sovereign, two to six players build Westmarch’s fledgling domains into thriving empires. Each player begins by managing his or her home region before spreading throughout the land to research advancements, conquer territory, build fiefdoms, recruit generals, establish a religion, and, ultimately, acquire enough support to claim the title: Sovereign of Grayhaven.

You can find the entire game here

Westmarch Rule Page
Elaea Map
Charts and Tables

© 2019 Benjamin John Peters

© 2018 Benjamin John Peters