More than a case study, this is a UX content strategy for Scoutrol, a parking assistant powered by Drone AI. Pretty cool stuff, really.

This is more than a case study. It's a UX content strategy for a parking assistant. Not your average chauffeur, Scoutrol is an AI-powered drone that guides drivers to locations where cars can be parked—parking garages, allocated parking, or public spaces.   

Oh, and have you heard? Scoutrol just released a new upgrade.

That AI-powered drone can now route drivers to the closest location in safe, well-lit, low-crime areas while optimizing parking costs. And owners of luxury vehicles can reserve a parking location in advance, directly from their in-car entertainment system.

There's a problem though. While Scoutrol's new features are amazing, they haven't done such a great job communicating upgrades to their target audience.  

Let's see if we can fix that.


My Task

I need to develop a content delivery strategy that meshes with Scoutrol's current approach but makes users aware of Scoutrol's cool, new features.

So here's what I need to do:

  1. Create personas to share with the Design and Development Teams.
  2. Develop a viable content strategy for Scoutrol.
  3. Write a sample help article.

Things I Know

Scoutrol's research suggests that:

  1. Drivers are having a hard time finding solutions to common problems.
  2. Users aren't always clear about new Scoutrol functionality. 

There are two types of customers for this application:

  1. Vehicle owners.
  2. Automotive developers responsible for integrating Scoutrol's technology into their cars.

Quick Check-in

Okay. Still with me? I need personas, a content strategy, and a help article, all of which needs to be geared towards two types of customers that are having a hard time troubleshooting pain points and discovering new features. Easy-peasy, right? 


From patterns revealed in research, two personas emerged whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a larger group. So without further ado, meet Emily and Doug, Scoutrol's archetypical users. Click here for the full .pdf.


What's the content strategy?

There’s a lifecycle to consider: strategy, plan, create, maintain, and audit. I’m only going to focus on a strategy that:

  1. Supports key business objectives.
  2. Fulfills users’ needs.

So what's my core strategy? Simple. Align with what’s already been done while emphasizing Scoutrol's newest features.


*Find the full proposal here.


Need help?

Finally, I wrote a sample help article about username and password recovery.

Want to know something cool? I used to write real-life help articles for the University of Denver! Here are a couple of examples, should you be interested.  

For the record, a good help article should be straightforward, include images, and link to other useful articles. 

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In the End

After dialing in the personas, developing a content strategy for Scoutrol's latest upgrades, and cleaning up the knowledge base, Scoutrol's customers will have an easier time accomplishing their respective tasks.  

© 2019 Benjamin John Peters

© 2018 Benjamin John Peters