Kelley Gray Counseling

Kelley Gray Counseling

A heuristic analysis and website redesign for one of Denver's most highly regarded counseling groups that focused on clarity, inclusion, and accessibility. 

A heuristic analysis and responsive redesign for one of Denver's most highly regarded counseling groups that focuses on clarity, inclusion, and accessibility. 

I redesigned the website of Kelley Gray Counseling, one of Denver's most highly regarded psychiatric groups. After a thorough review and heuristic analysis, I wrote copy, redesigned the logo, and crafted a visually appealing website that focused on clarity, inclusion, and accessibility while maintaining industry standards and user needs. You can find the full heuristic analysis here.

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What I Learned 

Millions of Americans go to counseling each year. In fact, four in ten have seen a counselor and thirteen percent say they’re currently seeing a therapist. What most users want is a website that is clean, informational, and welcoming. "I want to feel reassured," one interviewee said, "that this person knows what they're doing and that they care about me."

The Original Website

*The website before the redesign. 

It's Heuristics, After All

Usability is a funny thing. You know it when you see it, right? Maybe not. And that's where the Nielsen Norman Group's "10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design" come in handy.

In the case of Kelley Gray Counseling, there were four heuristic critiques worth mentioning: aesthetic and minimalist design, consistency and standards, flexibility and efficiency of use, and help and documentation.

  • First Critique: "The color palette is neither accessible nor visually appealing."
  • First Recommendation: "Change color palette to match up-to-date accessibility standards."
  • Second Critique: "Your highlight color is the same as your link color, which creates confusion for the user."
  • Second Recommendation: "Change your highlight or link color to an appropriate and matching color."
KG_More Text
  • Third Critique: "The cards are a strange approach here since nothing else has been designed with Material concerns in mind. Also, the most important forms are not given the appropriate hierarchy."
  • Third Recommendation: "Reorganize this page, get rid of the card aesthetic, and find an easy-to-access and intuitive way to present not only the necessary information but also the required forms and documentation."

The Sketches and Wireframes

Kelley Gray Counseling needed a simple, clean, and welcoming website. It needed to introduce the counseling group, while also remaining minimalist and accommodating. It needed to reassure and provide the necessary information that any potential client might need. 

Kelley Gray Sketch
Kelley Gray Desktop

The Redesign

What follows is my redesign of Kelley Gray Counseling. I focused on clarity, inclusion, and accessibility. I rooted my design in research but balanced that with industry standards and client demands. I designed the logo, wrote the copy, and made it fully responsive.   

KG_Clean and Intuitive
KG_Writing and Events

© 2019 Benjamin John Peters

© 2018 Benjamin John Peters