Fixture Studio

User experience writing and microcopy for a Grand Junction-based design studio. 

Fixture Studio is based in Grand Junction and focuses on "functional art." Natural slabs, reclaimed lumber, or rugged cottonwood are a few of the things they incorporate into their designs. 

Fixture Studio's product is sold entirely online and their customers have no way of experiencing their handcrafted, modern, and organic creations. 

With a little elbow grease and a bit of digital ink, I increased Fixture Studio's web traffic and e-commerce by writing aesthetically pleasing microcopy that matched the tone and voice of their brand with the values of their customer.   


What is UX Writing?

Microcopy is "the words or phrases in the user interface that are directly related to the actions a user takes."

What's it good for?

Clear communication is essential to any successful business. While a lot can be communicated visually, language well used is the key to clarity. Microcopy can engage the user, increase usability, and enhance branding.


You can't make me

Nope. I can't. But you should seriously consider the role that microcopy plays in your brand, website, or app. It can increase traffic, boost sales, and differentiate you from the competition. That sounds good, right? 

How's it done?

Good UX writing is a human story told through empathy with a dash of strategy and iteration.


Exhibit A

Fixture Studio wrote:


Not bad. It's clear and direct. But can it be more user-friendly while also encapsulating the voice and tone of the brand?

I wrote:


You're probably thinking to yourself: "But, wait, that's not exactly 'micro.'" Good for you. You're right. But here's the thing. UX writing isn't just about the words on buttons or clever 404 errors. It's about doing the research, finding out what a user needs, and then writing in such a way that the brand's voice and needs of the user overlap. 

A user is spending a lot on a product that they can't test. So what can Fixture Studio do to alleviate the user's fear? It can put the user at ease and describe the product clearly while also voicing the brand's value. 

Exhibit B

No one wants to look silly online, so I edited a few mistakes and added a word or two.

Fixture Studio wrote:



FS_Micropy Fix

Exhibit C

I rewrote Fixture Studio's "About" page to be more consistent across their brand, voice, and tone.

Fixture Studio wrote:


Yep, I changed it. 


Exhibit D

And how about that 404-page?

From this: 


To that: 


In the end

Fixture Studio increased traffic, solidified their brand's voice and tone, and increased usability—and all with those pesky little things called "words."  

© 2019 Benjamin John Peters

© 2018 Benjamin John Peters