Threads of Order in a Labyrinth of Chaos

Bibliographies tell the stories of their readers, not their curators.

So sayeth Bulfinch:

“When they arrived in Crete, the youths and maidens were exhibited before Minos; and Ariadne, the daughter of the king, being present, became deeply enamored of Theseus, by whom her love was readily returned. She furnished him with a sword, with which to encounter the Minotaur, and with a clew of thread by which he might find his way out of the labyrinth. He was successful, slew the Minotaur, escaped from the labyrinth, and taking Ariadne as the companion of his way, with his rescued companions sailed to Athens.”

So sayeth Hawkings:

Hawkings One

Hawkings Two

So sayeth Borges through Eco:

Eco One

Eco Two

Borges One

Borges Two

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