Letter From An Old Friend

I recently received these kind and thoughtful words from an old high school friend in response to my book, Through All The Plain. Thank you for taking the time to earnestly read and engage, and for allowing me to share your thoughts with the Internet.

So it’s been about 15 years since we spoke. Probably some form of congratulatory remarks as we graduated. It’s also probably been just as long since I’ve sat down and read through an entire book in less than 24 hours. Yours arrived on Monday evening and I finished it last night. It was amazing to hear your story. As a youth minister and a Capt. in the Civil Air Patrol. I’m often asked many of the questions you addressed in your book by young men and women who are contemplating joining the military. I tried to join after I dropped out of college the first time (also from a Bethany College) but couldn’t pass the physical. I now count it a blessing that I was spared the experiences that you endured, but also find myself at a loss when counseling with students due to not having those experiences. I found your story both revealing and refreshing. I have long felt that too often our society is far too quick to jump to violence as an answer. While we may not totally agree in our stance on war, I can definitely appreciate your desire to seek peace as more than a passing thought or unattainable ideal. Thank you for your willingness to be open and honest about your life and experiences. I truly believe that you have helped to open up a conversation that the American Church is far to quick to dismiss under the guise of patriotism.


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