Returning to the Scene

As weird as this might sound, I proposed to my wife in a bookstore. We periodically return to this bookstore to recall our young, ravishing love. On Tuesday, we did just that thing. We drove to Boulder, strolled down Pearl Street, and walked into the Boulder Book Store. To our delight, we saw this:photo 1

That’s right, my book, Through All The Plain. Upon seeing its thin, green spine shelved in the marketplace, a tingly ran up my leg. Thank you Boulder Book Store and thank you Andrea Vukovich Peters. Returning to the scene never disappoints.


2 thoughts on “Returning to the Scene

  1. So awesome! Can’t wait to read it – Kipp said that he bought me a copy (apparently, he didn’t forget about your release party within a matter of 2 hours from its start time).

    Proud of you, man!

  2. Reading this gave me a tingly down my left scapula.

    I’ve ordered your book, Ben– looking forward to its arrival!


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