A Thesis

CoverMy forthcoming book, Peacemaking: A Story of Redemption, is due out next Spring.  The book stems from my experience as both a Marine and a seminary student.  I fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom; I came home; I studied pacifism.  As I wrestled with being both a warfighter and a Christian, I wrote an academic thesis titled, A Thesis: Just War and Pacifism in Romans 12:14-13:7 through a Sociological Lens.  Years later, I decided to rewrite my thesis to include the story of my time in Iraq.  The rewritten version is due out next Spring through Wipf & Stock publishers.  I have, however, decided to make the original available through Amazon.  It is available now in all of its academic glory.  Please note that the original is an academic work written to meet the requirement of an M.A. in Biblical Studies N.T.  The rewritten version is a much better, much more digestible story.  I am making the original available for those who might be interested in reading the thesis behind the story.  I also want to make any potential readers aware that the Koine Greek fonts may or may not appear in your Kindle reader.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If any brave soul decides to read A Thesis, then I would love to hear both your thoughts and analysis.  You can find the thesis here and my Amazon author’s page here.

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