A Voice

Veterans Day came and passed.  I wrote this in response.  Here are a few of the comments I received on Reddit.

“This is who falls through the cracks in society out of war. I wonder how many of us there are who never can open that door, and it’s sad because it defines us. One way or another. Either you open it and deal with it; or it deals with you.

“I talk about it, I make like its fine, but it’s not okay. I’m not. I feel like two separate people. There are things, not many, but a few, that I keep to myself because I can’t reconcile them with who I am.

“I was never deployed and only served 16 months in the USAF, training to be a linguist, and I can’t even imagine what you (and others) are going through. I work at a VA now and like to think my small role plays a part in their recovery… but I’m separate from most of our staff and separate from the Veterans. I’ve had too much whisky myself, but I thank you sir for posting this…I know not if your drinking has become a problem, but if it has, I encourage you to touch base with your local VA. If you happen to be in New England, I can give your even more info… even if you’re not in New England, I’d be more than glad to PM you my number and numbers for our support services…God speed, Marine.”

“I never would have guessed that my life would have ended up like this after serving my country. Two tours to Iraq (2003 & 2004) have left me pretty much mentally crippled. I feel so lost like I’m finding my way in the dark. My fiancé, who I am still deeply in love with is leaving me and there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know how to function with others anymore and they don’t know how to deal with me. The crazy thin is that most if the time, I don’t even give a shit. I just keep rolling with the punches and I’m not even fighting back anymore. The thing that kills me is that my brain knows I need I keep from slipping but I feel powerless to do anything about it.


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