Remembering War

“Tim O’Brien, a writer who served in the Vietnam War, said there are as many wars as there are soldiers who fought in them. These three books on the Iraq War are just the first look at what must be thousands of stories still to be told.”  

NPR, in remembrance of 9/11, is reporting on three new war novels dealing with Iraq.  My forthcoming book will lend a voice to these stories.  The question, of course, is how does my book differ from what has already been said?  My book is neither memoir nor satire.  Rather, it is a thoughtful critique of war from a Christian perspective.  It is part narrative and part scholarship.  I think, in this way, it is a unique entry into what is certainly to become a hot-publishing topic.  I am a veteran; I have fought and killed.  Yet, I am a Christian and a pacifist.  The two questions governing my book are, one, Was I justified in what I did?  And, two, How then shall we move forward in a world riddled with violence?  My hope is that, in answering these questions, I create a safe place for dialogue, a place where conversation might catalyze transformative actions both personal and systemic.

Remembering War


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