Manna from Heaven

I was on the back porch yesterday afternoon. My daughter was playing in her sandbox while I was reading a book for class. I decided to take a break, so I picked up my iPhone and checked my email. I waited for my mail to load. I had three emails. I quickly scanned the email subject headings in my inbox. One caught my eye. It said, “Publication: We would like to offer you a contract to publish your book.” I blinked. Read it again. I opened the email, scanned it, and blinked again. I looked at my daughter. “Hi, Daddy. Look at my sand,” she said. I stood up and screamed. I took a victory lap around my backyard before running inside and yelling at my wife: “I AM GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!” I took off my clothes and ran back outside. I took another victory lap—naked. My daughter asked me what I was doing, but by this time I was crying too hard to answer. I went back inside and put on my clothes. I sat down at the computer and crafted the best reply I’ve ever written: “Dear Editor. Thank you. Excited. Can’t think. Email later more thoughts.”


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