I was recently commissioned to write a 250-word marketing article for a chess website.  The article was to cover this particular website’s great online-chess lessons.  I worked on the article for a day or two, submitted, and received a rejection letter for my toils.  According to the editor, “It wasn’t the right feel.”  I’m not complaining.  I just wanted to provide some context.  Here it is: 

Learn from Chess Master’s Online!

I’m tired of losing at chess.  Last December I entered Denver’s holiday tournament.  I started out well, gaining a six point advantage over a higher rated player.  He offered a draw.  I declined his offer, blundered, and lost.  I lost the next three games as well, the last of which was to an eight-year old girl named, Daisy.

Defeated, I went home and slogged through chess books.  I wasn’t improving.  It was time to get serious.  I found online-chess lessons over at ————- and started studying their intermediate chess problems.  Regimenting my study with equal parts ————-’s study plans, stellar tactics trainer, and master level videos, I’ve seen major improvements.

Denver’s next tournament is quickly approaching, and I have it on good authority—her mother—that Daisy will be in attendance.  I’m not one to spew smack, but, Daisy, if you’ll allow me to quote Drago, “I must break you.”  Check out all of ————-’s online chess lessons at ————- to start breaking people today.  


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