The Ingenious One

Ingenious One Tweets Greatness

Over Thursday’s lunch hour, the Ingenious One held a press conference via Twitter.  Here are the highlights:

@soccerlover: rumored moves, any of it true?

@ingeniousone: yes, moving for fulham’s striking core.  remarkable play.

@csletten: how do you do it?

@ingeniousone: my secret.

@grayhound: any recommendations on improving my style?

@ingeniousone: burn your late ‘90’s wardrobe, personal tailor, no comb over.

@csletten: seriously though, how do you do it?

@ingeniousone: stop tweeting me.

@joshphotoman: any truth to dropping man u’s d?

@ingeniousone: yes, next move.  dropping man u’s d for fulham’s.  it’s only natural.

@joshphotoman: who finishes higher in prem?  liverpool or fulham?

@ingeniousone: child.  fulham, of course.

@joshphotoman: what do you think of italy?

@ingeniousone: lol.

@firestorm: can you help with my sexual identity?

@ingeniousone: who is this?

@firestorm: clue: I make pipes.

@ingeniousone: ah!  sadly, no.

@ing1groupE: do you believe in god?

@ingeniousone: yes.

@ing1groupE: will jesus return?

@ingeniousone: hope=self actualization, hard work, and beautiful lovemaking. 

@firestorm: are you voting for santorum?

@ingeniousone: am I crazy?

@csletten: really, I need an answer: how do you do it?

@ingeniousone: stop.

@grayhound: help me understand reality.

@ingeniousone: have you burned your ut jerseys?

@grayhound: no.

@ingeniousone: babysteps.

@italianflag: teach me.

@ingeniousone: no time.

@csletten: why must you always be right?

@ingeniousone: it is my nature.

Will the Ingenious One drop Manchester United’s defense in favor of Fulham’s?  Follow the Ingenious One on Twitter to find out!


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