To An Unnamed Editor

It’s strange when rejection rears its ugly head and cries, “I’m the highlight of your week!”  Yet, it happens.  I received the most encouraging rejection letter from an editor on Monday.  I’ll provide the highlights: “Thank you for sharing this with me. Your writing is outstanding…as good as anything I have read.  Overall, these samples left me very interested to see where this goes and where your experience led you.  Ultimately, however, I don’t really think this book would suit our program…I do certainly wish to encourage you with your writing, and thank you for considering [my publishing house]…All I can say is that I found it really gripping.”  Am I bummed?  Totally.  Am I stoked?  Absolutely.  My writing may not work for every publishing house, I understand that, but it’s encouraging to hear a professional editor—a real editor—say, “as good as anything I have read.”  Reading this email at Dazbog, I stood up and whooped.  It made my week.  Will my writings ever see the light day?  Who knows, but at least I know it’s not in vain.  I think there is a fear in every writer—hopefully it’s not just me—that deep down we really suck.  That no matter what we do, all we have to say is drivel and the only we know how to say it is watered down excrement.  In other words, sometimes rejection is validating.  So, here’s to an unnamed editor at an unnamed publishing house: you made my week.  You shed a little light on a darkening hobby.  Thank you.   


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