Peacemaking: Chapter 1-10

To reward us for our good shooting, Beelzebub took us Island Hopping.  According to Beelzebub, every good Marine Recruit should enjoy, even covet, their P.T. time.  Well, we did not.  We wanted a break; we wanted to rest.  Beelzebub did not see it that way, however.  He took us Island Hopping.  In World War II the Marine Corps was assigned to the Pacific Theater because, and this is just an educated guess, the Marine Corps’ specialty just so happened to be beach landings.  And, beach landings, a lot of beach landings, just so happened to be in order.  The Marine Corps, consequently, “hopped” from island to island in an effort to push the Japanese back to their island.  I guess it worked, but then again, it was not over until we dropped an A-bomb on the Japanese.  Later, Marine Corps Drill Instructors stole the name, Island Hopping, in an effort to teach wide-eyed recruits Marine Corps history.  D.I.’s would take their platoon from one P.T. pit—a basketball-court sized sand trap—to another, slaying the platoon as the D.I.’s saw fit.  There are somewhere between twenty and forty Island Hopping pits on Camp Pendleton (this in no way can be verified, however, as I was a bit delusional at the time).  In celebration, Beelzebub took us to every Island Hopping pit.  He called this our Island Hopping Campaign.  By the end of the day I was delirious.  I was an expert shooter, but I guess that did not amount to much in the Marine Corps.  Those of us left in our platoon had succeeded, but I think Beelzebub was punishing us for those who had failed.  After all, we were a platoon.


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