Rejection: A Saga, Part One–A Begining

I was recently asked to write a trial article for a local webzine.  I was to review the local bar and whiskey scene.  I asked a few questions; here were the answers: “You may establish your own voice. It can be objective, punchy, sassy, knowledgeable, etc.  All we ask is that it is accurate, and that you bring depth to your coverage. It may be impressionistic, but ground your impressions in your experience of this and other places/products…You can take your own angle on every piece. It can be a full review, or be focused on one element, such as the Scotch selection, etc. We don’t want the pieces to be standard blogoshere (“I went here and ate this”) pieces, so if it is a review, make it interesting; cover as much ground as possible, with soundly based opinions.”  I went out to eat and drink and be merry.  I wrote two articles. 


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