Rejection, A Saga, Part Four–A Conclusion

I sent my articles into the great unknown.  A day went by; a week went by.  I emailed.  This is the response I received: “So we’ve been discussing our internal editorial approach here for the last week, and for now we’ve decided to start in a more reportorial and less literary direction than your style. Personally (with a few caveats) I really enjoyed both of your pieces and I think we might eventually find a home for your voice. My partners feel like we need to come out of the gates more conservatively.”  Hmm, ok, I can deal with rejection.  But, you did say: “You may establish your own voice. It can be objective, punchy, sassy, knowledgeable, etc.” and “It may be impressionistic, but ground your impressions in your experience of this and other places/products” and “You can take your own angle on every piece” and “We don’t want the pieces to be standard blogoshere (‘I went here and ate this’) pieces, so if it is a review, make it interesting; cover as much ground as possible, with soundly based opinions.” Apparently, you did want the standard blogosphere.  Oh well, here’s to being a high school teacher!  Yippee! 


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