Peacemaking: Chapter 1-3

“All right recruits, get on my footprints.” We scrambled to do what Thor said.  I was lucky.  I got there first.  The Canadian, however, was still juggling our files several steps behind. “What the hell, recruit?  Are you trying to piss me off?” Thor asked. “No, sir…I mean, Drill Instructor.” Thor stalked over to the Canadian, punched him in the stomach, and left him to consider his various misdeeds. Oh s—-, I thought. Then he turned to us. “You are now property of the Unites States Government.  You will not eat, drink, or s—-, without the government’s approval.  That means me, recruits.  I will tell you when and how to breathe.”  At this, one of the new recruits standing next to me on the yellow footprints let out a chuckle—bad move. “What the hell!  Who the f—- laughed?” Unbeknownst to us another D.I. had crept up while we were standing in formation.  He answered, “S—-, Drill Instructor Thor, can’t keep your recruits in check?”  The new D.I. made his way around to the front of the formation.  He was wiry with a shaved head.  He was evil incarnate.  Let’s call him, Drill Instructor Beelzebub. “Some recruit laughed.  Can you believe that Sgt. Beelzebub?” said Thor. “Let me figure this one out,” said Beelzebub. “Go for it.” The devil sauntered over.  “It sounded like it came from over here.”  He looked me over.  “Was it you recruit?” Silence. “It’s okay recruit, you can talk to me.  Was it you?”  He smiled revealing his tobacco-stained teeth. “No, Drill Instructor.” “Hell, well it was somebody.  Can you tell me who, recruit?” In Recruit Training it is commonplace to betray fellow recruits; I should have soldout the recruit who laughed.  But I did not.  At this point I still thought it possible to retain my morals.  “I have no idea, Drill Instructor.” “Oh, you have no idea do you?  Well, f—- that, I say it was you…unless you want to tell me different?” Groaning, the Canadian stirred in front of the formation.


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