A Wedding, Part 3–A Benediction

When two narratives conjoin, however, there is often dissonance.  For, life is hard and marriage is challenging.  Suffice it to say, Humanoid One and Humanoid Two, you have a community surrounding you today—do not hesitate to wield it in defense of your relationship, for wholeness is often found in the vulnerable expression of true community.  Relish the experience of crafting your story, your narrative while living in authentic community. If we are all telling a story and if we all poses the ability to reflect God’s love and reconciliation in our world, then the question arises, Humanoid One and Humanoid Two: What story will you tell: a story of cynicism, self-gratification, a story of entitlement and inward movement; or a story of hope, redemption, a story of selfless action and outward movement?  Humanoids: as your narratives entwine, as your individual stories become one, what will be your shared narrative? May you, Humanoid One and Humanoid Two, tell a story of beauty and wonder, an ageless epic; may you find the sweet ebb and flow of egalitarian companionship; may you embody God’s love to one another and your community; may you continually go back to the challenging and enriching well of vulnerable community; and may you experience the quiet joy of waking up each morning alongside your truest friend.  Humanoid One and Humanoid Two: may you write a story such that the author of 1 John shouts from heaven, “Nay, I stand corrected.  God has and is being seen.”


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