A Wedding, Part 1

We all like a good story: the rise and fall of a plot, the development and transformation of a character, and the exhilarating and sometimes frustrating climax.  We like stories, because in so many ways, our lives are stories.  We are birthed and educated.  We seek out work, a vocation, and, if fortunate, we spend our working lives pursuing the worthwhile and life giving.  Some of us marry, some of us don’t.  Some of us have children, others none.  Yet, each one of us find ourselves the protagonist of our own story, narrating our hopes and dreams, hurts and fears until we gracefully pen: “the end.” We are here today to celebrate the coming together of two stories, which, if I’m honest, is what makes marriage both beautiful and difficult—beautiful because marriage can be an expression of profound companionship; yet difficult because marriage can be an expression of profound companionship.  Today we are witnessing the melding together of two narratives—Humanoid One and Humanoid Two.  The “I” is becoming a “we”; the “me” an “us.”  No longer is it “my” story, but rather “our” story.  Humanoid One’s desires and fears will become Humanoid Two’s desires and fears; Humanoid Two’s dreams and frustrations will become Humanoid One’s dreams and frustrations.  Two stories becoming one narrative.  I mean not to say that the individual should collapse into the pair, but rather that a successful marriage is lived out of a shared narrative, a narrative of mutual trust, growth, sacrifice, and love.


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