Augustine's Pear: Short Fictions and Essays for Smoking 1) Essay, the First 2) The Incredible Life of Mr. Pim 3) Essay, the Second 4) At the Casket of My Father Space and Time Collapsed 5) Essay, the Third 6) The Composer 7) Essay, the Fourth 8) Encyclopedia Codicus 9) Essay, the Fifth 10) The Ingenious One: A Biography 11) Essay, the Sixth 12) Marceles the Bard: A Serial Tale


Augustine's Pear: A short story collection that wrestles with time, death, and the Borgesian labyrinth|Narrativizing Theories: An academic monograph examing the aesthetics of ambiguity|Sigurd's Lament: A literary hoodwink involving a heroic poem, a dead scholar, and a textual afterlife|Through All the Plain: A memoir of the Iraq War, PTSD, and the life that followed|Telescope + Mirror: Umberto Eco, a mirror, and some really great literary criticism|Reading Religion: A quixotic ride examing chivalry in the Alliterative Morte Arthure and the task of literature.

© 2019 Benjamin John Peters

© 2018 Benjamin John Peters