Your eyes open. It's strange. You can't recall how you got here, encircled by light. And then you remember. You're in the lair of Ben, a UX designer of little fame. You stand up and look around. Yes, it's definitely his lair. Your memory falls into place. You came here to find things out, to discover the truth—but even the truth isn't straight forward. Do you start by examing the designer's a) work, b) writings, or c) story? Or maybe you decide on a different approach. You focus your mind and telepathically reach out to the designer. Who knows how he might respond? 

I'm a user experience designer, researcher, and writer. I help create user-centered artifacts that are useful, intuitive, and thoughtful. Check out my work, writings, or story. I'd love to chat about the projects you're working on, too. 

© 2019 Benjamin John Peters

© 2018 Benjamin John Peters